Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is the day the Lord has made. I plan to rejoice and be glad in it.

Presently I have missed Bible class due to nausea that i seem to be having a lot of lately. I do plan to go to church, so i may not be able to publish this until later in the day...or i may publish it with all of my usual misspellings and grammatical errors....we shall see.

Michael has come through with the first and most difficult of his surgeries--this one through the front of his neck. On Monday, April 6, Mathew's birthday, Michael will have hopefully his final surgery for this problem of his discs bulging into this spinal column and causing numbness in his hand and loss of muscle tone in his arm. The doctor feels Michael will be able to regain his muscle tone with exercise and hopefully be pain free for the first time since last summer. Please continue to pray for him.

I did not go up there because Michael said Carol Ann, the woman he plans to marry, has been with him the entire time. She, like Michael, is a doctor and she has been very diligent about him not walking without oxygen and about calming him when he is not aware of where he is and what is happening. She has called me about twenty times during this entire process to let me know every step of the way. she seems to be so very nice and she speaks so often of how much she loves Michael. I am proud of myself for not going up there, and thanks to Vicki, I decided to honor Michael's statement that he did not need me to come since Carol Ann was going to be with him throughout. Carol Ann told me she would not leave his side for 48 hours after the surgery and she would alert the medical staff if there were any indication that Michael was having breathing problems. Again, thanks Vicki for you wisdom. I love you.

Michael will have the second and hopefully last surgery on Monday at 1:30p.m. so once again your prayers are coveted. Remember this prayerI request is two fold" for his physical healing and even more inportantly, for his spiritual healing and his complete return to God. I do love him so and he has had such a tough time in life. I pray that Michael will repent and return to God so that Michael can experience life while walking in the light of the Lord and with our precious Father leading his every step. Carol Ann was raised southern Baptistt and now attends a non-denominational church in Mount Vernon, Inidanan. She said she is not preaching to Michael, but she has asked him to go to church with her and with her twin sons, Ryan and Logan, both 10 years old. He has told her he will not go and she has told me that she has told him that this decison needs to be his and not something he does for anyone but for himself. She tells him she believes God has been behind their meeting each other and that he can believe it is "some chance" occurrence, but she believe it could only have happened with a plan and she believes the plan was from God. She appears to be a delight.

BTW, i want to ask Andy and Jessica to ask them to come to the wedding, They may not come, but wouldnt it be great if they did?

Ramona is doing great and still working her night shift of 11P.M. to 7:30 a.m everyday except Friday and Saturday night. She is planning to take her teacher certification test in about a week so please pray for he in that regard. her desire is to get a job teaching junior high science and I hope she is successful in that regard. I feel she will be a great teacher and i know she loves science. Matthew continues to do well in school with mostly A's and some B's and he is getting excited about the finish line in his pursuit of an engineering degree which he should have by spring 2010. Karsen continues to be the delight of a grandmother's heart. We are buddies and spend each morning together getting ready for our day.

I actually have more to say, but i must stop now to get ready for church.

May our precious, almighty, loving God richly bless you, my dearest ones. jk

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vicki said...

so glad to read this report. Hope your day at church was a blessing for you as I know it was for those you interacted with. We had a power outage, one of the first signs of the apocalypse, as you no doubt know.